We are experts in approvals for giving maximum benefit to the client using Building Byelaws and without violation of rules. We prepare complete submission drawings as per the requirement of govt.authorities after discussing the proposal from all the Departments. We start liaisoning and complete the job in shortest time. Wherever possible,we use our extended support for fast approvals.We obtain following permissions: Head Office Building Department and Building proposal Department,Tree Department NOC.Traffic Department.Storm Water Drain Department.Ventilation Department. Rain Water Harvesting Department,Civil Aviation Department, Ministry of Environmental Forest,Ministry of Revenue, Ministry of Urban Development  Our  method of working with ministries is as follows: We understand complete proposal and requirement from the client. We format the proposal in legally and technically perfect manner and present it to the Ministry. We process from all departments and get orders from Ministry.  Every Government department has to seek permissions from Ministry for decision making proposals. We are work in getting these approvals in on time.